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Poetic Specimens: Type

Fat Face (Fann Street Foundry, 1821)
Antique (Vincent Figgins, 1823)
Decorated Alphabets (Louis Pouchée, 1820)
Italian (Caslon & Catherwood, 1843)
Egyptian (Fann Street Foundry, 1821)
Sans Serif, Part 1 (Vincent Figgins, 1832)
Sans Serif, Part 2 (Vincent Figgins, 1832)
Grotesque (Fann Street Foundry, 1835)
Caslon Rounded (Henry Caslon, 1843)
Clarendon (Fann Street Foundry, 1857)
French Antique (W. H. Bonnewell & Co., 1870)
Royal Gothic (Patent Type-Founding Company, 1910)
Bookman Oldstyle (American Type Founders, 1912)
Copperplate Gothic (American Type Founders, 1912)
Cheltenham (Linotype and American Type Foundrers, 1912)
Della Robbia (American Type Founders, 1912)
Franklin Gothic (American Type Founders, 1912)
Windsor (Stephenson, Blake & Co., 1924)
Century Oldstyle (American Type Founders, 1909)
Plantin (Monotype, 1913)
Centaur (Monotype, 1914)
Goudy Oldstyle (American Type Founders, 1915)
Railway Type (N/A, 1916)
Century Schoolbook (American Type Founders, 1934)
Cooper Black (American Type Founders, 1934)
Neuland (Klingspor, 1954)
Grotesque (Landston Monotype Corporation, 1931)
Broadway (American Type Founders, 1928)
Curwen Sans (Curwen Press, 1931)
Parisian (American Type Founders, 1928)
Futura Black (Bauersche Giesserei, 1929)
Bank Gothic (American Type Founders, 1934)
Prisma (Klingspor, 1930s)
Stymie (American Type Founders, 1934)
Bernhard Modern (American Type Founders, 1937)
Chisel (Stephenson, Blake & Co., 1960)
Comic Sans (Microsoft, 2014)
Adobe Jenson (Adobe, 1996)
The Alphabet (M/M Paris, 2001)
LL Brown (Lineto, 2010)
Julien (Typotheque, 2011)
NB International (Neubau, 2015)

Poetic Specimens series is an attempt to appreciate, comprehend, reveal the poetic aspects of specimens. Poetic Specimen: Type explores the literary potential of type specimens. In this work, type founders are poets, and the text of the type specimens is poetry. Poetry recitation without any images and text leads to focus on the literary aspects of type specimens. If you want to see the transcription and detail information of type specimens, download the TXT file at here.

Read by Ingrid Chen.

Editinged, designed by Jo Kim.

Print version
Poetic Specimens. ed. Jo Kim, New Haven, CT: Documents, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-947807-58-7